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Welcome to the HALPIN Centre for Research & Innovation at the National Maritime College of Ireland - NMCI. HALPIN is the research & innovation pillar of the NMCI.NMCI is a constituent college of the Cork Institute of Technology - CIT and a partnership with the Irish Naval Service - INS. Through this partnership, HALPIN is the maritime research and innovation centre for CIT and HALPIN undertakes research and innovation activities on behalf of the INS.

HALPINHALPIN began operations in 2012. To date, HALPIN has successfully completed 25 externally funded research and innovation projects and has 10 projects ongoing. HALPIN has secured over €4.1 million in competitive research funding from Irish, European and international sources and from both public and private entities. HALPIN has worked with over 180 research, innovation, industry and public-sector partners in Ireland, Europe and across the World.

What We Do

NMCI_CIT_INSHALPIN's research and innovation work is in two primary thematic areas; Maritime Operations and Maritime Mechatronics. In Maritime Operations, HALPIN works in five sub-themes; Safety, Human Factors, Supply Chain, Training & Education Innovation and Security & Defence. The Martime Operations team is led by Tom Tuohy.

In Maritime Mechatronics, HALPIN works on technology to enable and support longer duration, wider area and more effective data collection & monitoring missions in coastal areas and out to sea. The Maritime Mechatronics team is led by Cormac Gebruers who is also manager of the HALPIN Centre.

Contact Us

For research & innovation enquiries please email or call +353 (0)21 4335723. Should you wish to contact an individual HALPIN team member directly, you'll find contact details at the people link.

Work at HALPIN

HALPIN is not currently hiring. If you'd like to register your interest in working for HALPIN, please email to register your interest and we'll contact you when we're next hiring.

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