Cooperation Project

CoopP Brochure


Co-financed under the European Integrated Maritime Policy. The European Commission / the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE).

Project Description

The Test Project on Cooperation in Execution of Various Maritime Functionalities at Sub-regional or Sea-basin Level in the Field of Integrated Maritime Surveillance(CoopP/Cooperation Project), led by the Finnish Border Guard, supports the policy process of the European Commission to create a Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) for the EU maritime domain.

The Cooperation Project is based on the understanding that the CISE will be a functional environment benefiting operational public authorities having responsibilities at sea. They are thus best placed to define what information they need to carry out their missions, in what form and the benefits they expect from enhanced information flows.

The project aims at bringing together such operational actors representing if possible all EU actors and all EU sea basins to jointly define the above elements as a contribution to the development of the CISE.

The total CoopP budget yields 2,706,127 €.

Project period: 11/12/2012 - 12/03/2014, duration 15 months.


The overall objective of the Cooperation Project is to support further cross-border and cross-sectoral operational cooperation between public authorities (including EU Agencies) in the execution of the defined maritime functionalities, with a focus on information sharing across sea-basins.

The overall objective will be accomplished through solutions from the specific objectives which are:

1. Define and agree on a selection of use cases with related information services and attached access rights.
2. Define common data formats and semantics.
3. Contribute to the cost-benefit analysis of Integrated Maritime Surveillance.

In addition, the CoopP will contribute to any other cooperation between maritime functionalities deemed necessary across and within all sea-basins and meet the objectives in terms of financial and administrative management.


The CoopP Consortium consists of administrations from 11 EU Member States and Norway, all seven user communities and five sea areas (Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea,Atlantic Ocean, North Sea and Baltic Sea). In addition, there are five EU agencies represented as associated partners.(HELCOM), Finland.

1. Finnish Border Guard, Leader partner, Finland
2. Finnish Transport Agency, Finland
3. Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Finland
4. Finnish Customs, Finland
5. Swedish Coast Guard, Sweden
6. Swedish Navy, Sweden
7. Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, Sweden
8. Portugal Consortium
9. France Expertise Internationale, France
10. French Customs, France
11. INEGI, Portugal
12. The Armaments Procurement Agency (DGA) / French Ministry of Defence, France
13. Centre National D'Etudes Spatiales, France
14. Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Germany
15. National Maritime College of Ireland, Ireland
16. Irish Naval Service, Irelnad
17. Coastal Administration, Norway
18. Spanish Navy, Spain
19. Spanish Customs, Spain
20. Guardia Civil, Spain
21. European Union Satellite Centre
22. Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, Estonia
23. Romanian Border Police, Romania
24. Bulgarian Border Police, Bulgaria
25. Bulgarian Maritime Authority, Bulgaria
26. Italy Consortium, Italy
23. Romanian Border Police, Romania
27. Finnish Navy, Finland
28. The Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM), Finland

Halpin Centre Participation

The Halpin Centre, Shipping, transport and logistics, maritime policy, collaborate in most of the work packages in this project.

WP1: Project Management
WP2: Use Cases and Information Services Identification
WP3: Cost-Benefit Analysis
WP4: Definition of Access Rights
WP5: Specifications of Common Data Formats and Semantics