Resource Efficient Maritime Capacity

REMCAP Brochure


Seventh Framework Programme under the specific programme for Capacities and its sub theme, Regions of Knowledge, FP7 Capacities, Coordination action

Project Description

REMCap is a Maritime Cluster project. This project will add significant value to existing cluster infrastructure, via three main approaches that will support their long-term development and sustainability. Facilitating interaction and knowledge exchange between Regional Research Driven Clusters, (RRDCs) raising the effectiveness of RRDCs using RRDC activities to stimulate wider involvement of companies and supply chains interested in exploiting the international market for resource efficient products and services.

The global maritime market is on a strong growth trajectory, and REMCap aims to harness that growth to create economic and employment benefits for Europe. On the one hand, growth is driven by commercial megatrends such as demand for marine/offshore renewable energy, fish products and emerging potential for "blue biotech" products; on the other hand, there is high demand for efficient use and management of the ocean resource, as described in the EU Integrated Maritime Strategy. Increasing Europe´s innovation capacity in maritime resource efficiency will underpin successful exploitation of these growth opportunities.

The total REMCAP budget yields 2,063,361 €.

Project period: 01/11/2012 - 31/10/2015.


1. Identify the characteristics of each participating RRDC & other EU clusters
2. SWOT analysis on participating RRDCs
3. Detailing the priority market and innovation opportunities
4. Quantify the recent and ongoing RTD activities and identify gaps
5. Identify strengths and weaknesses of participating RRDCs
6. Create regional strategic smart specialisation & innovation action plans
7. Develop a Joint Action Plan and financing opportunities for implementation
8. Develop measures to support regional action plans & facilitate new collaborations
9. Develop priorities for co-operation beyond participating clusters
10. Initiate international relationships to extend the reach of European clusters
11. Disseminate project activities and achievements
12. Align with events of EU programmes and initiatives, and provide input to the European Cluster Alliance and Cluster Observatory


The NMCI vision is to be an internationally recognized centre of excellence for the provision of career focused maritime education and training. Innovation in the delivery of maritime Training and Education is an imperative if this vision is to be achieved. The Halpin Centre is working with and supporting faculty staff involved in establishing best practice in:

1. Marine South East (Lead partner), UK
2. Klalpeda Science and Technology Park, Lithuania
3. Oceano XXI-Associacao para o Conhecimento e Economia do Mar, Portugal
4. The Cork Chamber of Commerce, Ireland
5. University of Southampton, UK
6. Klalpeda University, Lithuania
7. Portsmouth City Council, UK
8. Swedish Maritime Technology Forum, Sweden
9. South-West Regional Authority, Ireland
10. Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
11. Toulon Var Technologies, France
12. Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland
13. Baltic Valley Association, Lithuania
14. Region Vastra Gotaland, Sweden

Halpin Centre Participation

The Halpin Centre, Maritime Policy, is the lead partner in WP2 and collaborates in other WPs.

WP2. Market and Innovation Analysis

WP2 will analyse the present & future markets for maritime resource efficiency, and identify major innovation priorities required to satisfy these market requirements.

2.1. Policies and megatrends
2.2. Market appraisal
2.3. Innovation analysis