The Halpin Centre for Research & Innovation at the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) is the maritime research and innovation centre for the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and the research and innovation arm of the Irish Naval Service (INS). The NMCI is a constituent college of the CIT and a partnership between the CIT and the INS. The Halpin Centre undertakes research and innovation in the Maritime Safety & Security, Shipping Transport & Logistics and Maritime Education & Training areas. Work in these areas is supported by five cross cutting themes:

The Halpin Centre explores the application of technology to enhance maritime safety and security. Innovations in maritime operations, including shipboard and mother - daughter craft operations are a focus of activity. The Centre develops new operational practices that take full account of the benefits and limitations of new technologies. Halpin works with new and emerging technologies and practices to realize better maritime safety and security outcomes:

- Unmanned vehicles and their operation
- Robust embedded systems & sensors
- Software tools and techniques to enhance safety and security outcomes
- Innovative approaches to engineering for the maritime domain
- Use of simulation for remote presence and in planning and situation assessment

The Halpin Centre considers the human element and policy consequences of changes in operations arising from the introduction of technology or its use in maritime operations.

The engineering expertise available in NMCI, CIT and the INS are harnessed through collaboration with Energy Cork and IMERC partners to explore new operational approaches and to identify technical innovations to enhance ship fuel efficiency and port operations to contribute to greener shipping corridors and achieving emission targets. Using software engineering and operations expertise, the Centre develops new planning and management technologies to improve efficiency in individual ship, fleet and port operations. To contribute to more effective education and training delivery, training tools for Supply Chain Management, Shipping Transport and Logistics are being developed.

The NMCI vision is to be an internationally recognized centre of excellence for the provision of career focused maritime education and training. Innovation in the delivery of maritime Training and Education is an imperative if this vision is to be achieved. The Halpin Centre is working with and supporting faculty staff involved in establishing best practice in:

- Maritime Education and Training
- Curriculum Development
- E-learning and on-line learning

The Halpin Centre explores how the innovative use of technology including simulation, e-learning, distance learning, remote assessment and training & learning frameworks can deliver more effective education and training outcomes for seafarers and others who work offshore. The Centre focuses particularly on the opportunities for innovation in education and training through next generation simulation tools.

Working with Irish Maritime Companies

A key focus of Halpin Centre activity in partnership with Enterprise Ireland and the IDA is to work with Irish start-ups, Irish SMEs and Irish based companies and to develop innovative maritime focused Products and Services.