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On these pages is a listing of projects HALPIN has successfully completed. Details for each individual project are being added during Summer 2017. You can also view details of our on-going projects.

James O'Flaherty Scholarship - Dr. Rob Brown


Start: April 2017. Duration: 6 weeks. Funding: Canada Ireland Fund, James O'Flaherty Scholarship. Topic: Large Passenger Vessel Evacuation. Project Archive



Start: September 2015. Duration: 1 year. Funding: European Space Agency Earth Observation Envelope Programme. Topic: Innovation & Technology Transfer between the Space and Maritime sectors. Project website. Project Archive.

Commercial Client Innovation Voucher

Enterprise Ireland

Start: June 2016. Duration: 3 months. Funding: Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher. Topic: Future maritime opportunities for client's innovative energy generation & storage technologies. Request more information



Start: June 2014. Duration: 5 months. Funding: Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. Topic: Wind Propulsion for Vessels Engaged in Special Operations in Irish Waters. Project Archive

AEOLUS Commercialisation Fund Feasibility


Start: August 2014. Duration: 3 months. Funding: Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund Feasibility Grant. Topic: Mid-altitude maritime monitoring and surveillance platform. Project Archive

Eoin Moynihan's PhD


Start: September 2012. Duration: 4 years. Funding: Framework 7 REMCAP project. Topic: An Investigation of the Effects of Public Policy on Regional Concentration and Company Linkages in the Maritime Sector. Project Archive

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Related Links

Current Projects, Results, Research Context