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Fair Winds and Weather Eamon!

May 2017

P.O Eamon Downes, INS secondment to HALPIN for the past 2 years is rotating back into active seagoing service and sadly leaving HALPIN's shores for now. We will really miss Eamon's calm demeanour, his work ethic, extensive technical knowledge & hands-on practical experience, his very wry sense of humour and his friendship. Eamon, an experienced Radio and Radar Technician (RRT) with over 20 years service in the INS has made significant contributions to HALPIN's mechatronics projects during his time with us and has worked particularly closely on the aeolus-M3 project. In that project Eamon supported key work on sensor elements including the surface detection radar and the wide-band RF spectrum monitoring sub-systems. Eamon also became one of HALPIN's most capable and experienced helikite pilots - no mean feat as there was stiff competition! While with HALPIN, Eamon commenced studies for a Diploma leading to a Masters in Marine Spatial Planning and will continue his studies with academic support from HALPIN after he returns to active seagoing duty aboard L.E. Samuel Beckett (P61) in late May. Fair winds and weather Eamon, we wish you every success into the future. Don't be a stranger! ENDS NNNN++++

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