Cliodhna Sargent

Postgraduate (PhD)

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Cliodhna_SargentCliodhna has just successfully completed a PhD in seafarer health and fitness in a joint project between HALPIN, the Dept. of Biochemistry, CIT under a CIT RISAM PhD scholarship (supervisor Prof. Jim O'Mahony). The project was undertaken with the support of 90 Irish Naval Service volunteers. Cliodhna is now applying for a post-doctoral grant to continue her work with HALPIN and partners.

Current Projects
Publications & Research Outputs
  • Doctoral thesis; Analysis of the Physiological and Psychological Wellbeing of Irish Naval Service Personnel. June 2017. Request access.
  • A review of the physiological andpsychological health and wellbeing of naval service personnel and the modalities used for monitoring. Sargent, C., Gebruers, C., O'Mahony, J. Military Medical Research, 2017 4:1. Download.
  • The development and optimisation of a quantitative physical fitness scoring system for use amongst Naval Service personnel. Sargent, C., Lacey, Sean., Gebruers, Cormac., O'Mahony, J., International Maritime Health, 2016; 67, 3: 1-8. Download
Past Projects

Cliodhna Sargent's PhD.

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