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Funding:Programme; Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund for 3rd Level Researchers. Funding amount €430k
Timeline:Start; January 2016. Duration; 1.5 years (+2M extension)
Coordinator:TEC Gateway, CIT
HALPIN Team:Project Manager; Cormac Gebruers, Lead Mechatronics Researcher; Mike Griew, Researcher; Dave O'Leary
Overview:aeolus-M3 a mid-altitude surveillance platform for use in security, health and safety operations. This project is developing a minimum viable product version of the aeolus-M3 platform. The platform is targeted at maritime safety and security agencies to provide coastal and vessel assets with longer range situational awareness information to enhance tactical decision making. The platform incorporates a number of sensors including surface target detection radar. The aeolus-M3 project is a joint collaboration between the project partners and the Irish Defence Forces, Enterprise Ireland, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and the Irish Maritime and Energy Resource Cluster.
Theme(s): Maritime Mechatronics
Maritime Operations; Safety, Maritime Operations; Security & Defence
Partners: 2 Irish partners:
TEC Gateway, CIT , Mobile & Marine Robotics Research Centre, University of Limerick
HALPIN Roles:Halpin is responsible for the technical delivery of the minimum viable product platform including all aspects of the airborne platform and hardware aspects of the ground station.
Links:Project Site
Deliverables:Minimum Viable Product solution (M18)

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