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Funding:Programme; Framework 7, Call; FP7-SEC-2011.4.2-2, Topic; Unmanned search and rescue solutions – Integration Project. Funding amount €10.7M
Timeline:Start; March 2012. Duration; 4 years
Coordinator: BAE Systems (Operations) Ltd.
HALPIN Team:Project Manager & lead researcher; Tom Tuohy, Researchers; Cormac Gebruers, John Corkish, Prasad Gade.
Overview:As a result of numerous military programs and R&D projects, the use of unmanned systems to aid first responders is now becoming increasingly common. Their use in Search and Rescue operations to enhance first responder capabilities and to support safe intervention in hazardous areas is today a de-facto reality. However this was not always the case. At the time of the DARIUS project's conception, the utility of unmanned systems in SAR scenarions, the character and extent of the market for them in SAR contexts, and viable business models were all unclear.
The DARIUS project leveraged previous R&D efforts on technologies and possible added-value of these systems for situation awareness to envisage their adaptation and integration in complex multi-national/agency SAR operations. The main objective of DARIUS was to reach effective levels of interoperability so these systems could be shared between several organisations. That objective was achieved through designing a Generic Ground Station with associated proposed standards, a full integration in the command and control cycle and a consistent communication network. In addition, DARIUS adapted existing unmanned systems and their payloads (air, ground and maritime) to the specificities of a number of Search and Rescue missions. DARIUS solutions were evaluated in real conditions through 3 scenarios (Urban, forest fires and maritime SAR) designed by the project's end-users.
The DARIUS consortium encompassed several end-users, major players in the domain of C4I and large system integration, unmanned system solution providers, SMEs that brought innovative solutions and supported the integration and RTOs that helped to further develop novel technologies. The DARIUS project supported the better integration of unmanned systems in real operations and enhanced European citizen's safety.
Theme(s): Maritime Operations; Safety, Security & Defence
Partners: 13 partners across 7 countries:
BAE Systems (Operations) Ltd. , Airbus DS SAS , DFRC AG , Skytek Ltd. , TELINT RTD Consultancy Services LTD , Future Intelligence Ltd , Office National D'Etudes Et De Recherches Aerospatiales - ONERA , Stiftelsen SINTEF , ECA SA , National Technical University of Athens , Kentro Meleton Asfaleias (Center For Security Studies) , ECOMED bvba , Entente Pour La Forêt Méditerraneéenne
Results & Outputs: The specific results and outputs listed here are those that were the responsibility of HALPIN or in which the Centre played a key role. For more information on this project, see the CORDIS project archive.
  1. Unmanned Vehicles for Inshore Search & Rescue, Simulation Assessments 2013. Video.
  2. Unmanned Vehicles for Offshore Search & Rescue, Simulation Assessments 2013. Video.

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