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Funding:Programme; ERASMUS+. Call; EACEA-40-2016. Action; VET-Business Partnerships on Apprenticeships/Work-based learning. Funding amount €344k
Timeline:Start; October 2017. Duration; 2 years
Coordinator:Novamais - Servicos De Consultadoria Em Inovacao Tecnologica
HALPIN Team:Project Manager & lead researcher; Rob Lynch
Overview:ONBOARD - Development of technical profiles and training curriculum for the ports and logistics' sector. Work-based learning (WBL) models and strategies are crucial for increasing youth employment opportunities and the enterprises competitiveness in the global market. In fact, European countries have been increasingly recognizing the enterprises' role as a privilege context for youth workers' initial training and WBL models as a strategy for identification and recruitment of qualified workers. Thus, it is essential for Europe to invest in the transfer and implementation of WBL models and strategies to its VET systems and by this way promote a high-quality VET offer, ensuring that knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired during the period of training are relevant to labour market needs. Additionally, it is widely recognised that the maritime is one of the most strategic sectors that need to be more explored and potentiated by some of the MS of EU, including Portugal, Ireland and United Kingdom. These are the two main challenges to which Onboard project expects to answer, by designing, implementing and validating an apprenticeship’s model for ports and logistics supporting new VET profile and curricula, fostering an effective cooperation structure between VET and business of the maritime sector. To reach this goal, the consortium will: 1) perform a study on apprenticeships training needs, 2) design functional profiles and joint curricula; 3) structure an apprenticeship’s model and 4) design and test a training of apprenticeships key-professionals all for the ports and logistics sector. By this way, partners expect to: i) raise awareness of young generation for careers in the maritime sector; ii) minimize the gap between VET providers offers and the needs of the maritime economy; iii) contribute towards the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAA) objectives of increasing the strengthen and quality of business-education partnerships for apprenticeships and iv) establish or develope VET-business partnerships on apprenticeships and other forms of WBL in (VET.
Theme(s):Maritime Operations; Training & Education Innovation
Partners: 5 partners across 2 countries:
Novamais - Servicos De Consultadoria Em Inovacao Tecnologica , Forum Oceano - Associacao Da Economia Do Mar , Fundacao Para O Estudo E Desenvolvimento Da Regiao De Aveiro , Comunidade Intermunicipal Da Regiao De Aveiro , Marine South East Ltd.
  • Performing a study on apprenticeships training needs
  • Design functional profiles and joint curricula
  • Structuring an apprenticeship's model
  • Designing and test a training of apprenticeships key-professionals all for the ports and logistics sector
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