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Research Results

wipWe are currently collating a detailed record of all research results from the HALPIN centre since 2012. Plese bear with us while this work is completed.

The results and outputs listed here are those that were the specific responsibility of HALPIN or in which the Centre played a key role. It is not a complete list of all results for each project. For a full list of a project's results & outputs, please visit the relevant project's website..

Project and Other Reports

  • The Final SYNCHRO-NET Vision. SYNCHRO-NET project deliverable D1.3, May 2017. Request access.
  • Case Studies on Space and Maritime Cross-sector Innovation - Application of best practice mechanisms to promote cross-sector innovation between European space and maritime sectors. CINMarS project deliverable D6, November 2016. Request access.
  • Elaboration of Priorities for Space and Maritime Cross-Sectoral Innovation Network. CINMarS project deliverable D3, August 2016. Request access.
  • The SYNCHRO-NET Vision. SYNCHRO-NET project deliverable D1.5, May 2016. Request access.
  • Safey Assessment of O&M Access with regard to Human Resources. LEANWIND project (internal) deliverable, December 2015. Request access.
  • Legal Consequences for HNS Spill across Partner Countries. ARCOPOL+ project paper, May 2015. Lt. Cmdr. Erika Downing BL, Irish Naval Service. Download.
  • Low-Cost Unmanned Aircraft in the Offshore Environment: Effectiveness and Constraints. Report delivered as a subcontract under the ARCOPOL+ project, February 2014. Download.


  • ARCOPOL-Platform Command and control Test & Demonstration Exercises for HNS spills response. Exercise 1 - Pollution Incident at Sea; Transcript, video. Exercise 2 - Pollution Incident in port; Transcript. Exercise 3 - Inshore Pollution Incident; Transcript.


  • AEOLUS-2 Airborne Mid-Altitude Maritime Monitoring and Surveillance Platform prototype v3.5. May 2017.
  • SMARTCOAST automated weather station (AWS) prototype v0. March 2016.

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Analysis of the Physiological and Psychological Wellbeing of Irish Naval Service Personnel. Cliodhna Sargent's Doctoral Thesis. June 2017. Request access.
  • An Investigation of the Effects of Public Policy on Regional Concentration and Company Linkages in the Maritime Sector. Eoin Moynihan's Doctoral Thesis. June 2017. Request access.

Organised Conferences, Meetings & Events


Other Research Results

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Research Context, Current Projects, Past Projects